Mrs. Bolte – 2nd Grade

Second Grade News

Sept. 16 – 20      

Memory:  This week we will finish learning The Ten Commandments.  The students will need to say the number of the commandment and the commandment.                     

Due Tuesday:  8th Commandment: You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

Due Wednesday:  9th Commandment: You shall not covet your neighbor’s house.

Due Thursday:  Practice the 10th Commandment to say on Friday 

Due Friday:   10th Commandment: You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his manservant or maidservant, or his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.

Language Arts:  This week we will be reading The Great Fuzz Frenzy.   We will have a test over the skills that go along with our story on Friday.  I am also going to include a list of our weekly high-frequency words and vocabulary words.  We will be going over these words in class several times during the week. Your child should be able to read all of the high-frequency words and know the meanings of the vocabulary words.  They should be able to use the vocabulary word in a sentence, tell what it means, or act it out. The vocabulary words will be in a section of our reading test, and I will have them read the high-frequency words to me on Friday (for a grade).  

* Students will be able to take AR tests Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week. 

High-Frequency Words:  answer, find, its, miss, old, round, then, until, what, young

Vocabulary words: battleground, buzzing, clanking, feud, fit, frenzy, funky, gasped, odd, plumes, recognize, strokes, tumbling, wisps

Spelling:  This week’s words are words with short and long vowels (CVC, VCe) and review  words.  We will be doing activities in class to practice our words, but you will also need to practice at home.

Our Spelling Test will be on Friday.

tap          tape        fin          fine         cute         ride          rob        robe

cap         cape       slid          slide       shop        wish         cut        rid

Challenge words: scrap & scrape

 Math:  We will continue Topic 3: Add Within 100 Using Strategies..  Please remember to do Xtra Math or practice math facts at home.  Homework for the week is…

Monday: Practice 3-2

Tuesday:  Practice 3-3

Wednesday: Practice 3-4

Thursday: Practice 3-5


* Chapel will be Monday morning at 8:30. 

* SPECIALS for this week:   Please make sure your child wears gym-appropriate clothing and shoes to school on Tuesday, or you may send in clothes or shoes for them to change into for gym.  

   Weekly Special Classes:

   Monday – Music  

   Tuesday – Gym

   Wednesday – Art

   Thursday – Computer

   Friday –Library

* We will be having a couple of Spirit Days this week to support our 7th & 8th grade volleyball girls in the LIT.  

Thursday – Hawaiian Day

Friday – LC Day (red, white, and blue)

Upcoming events:

Oct. 7 & 9 – Parent Teacher Conferences

Oct. 11 – Chili Supper

Oct. 14 – 18: Fall Break 

Oct. 31 – Reformation Party

   Plates & Napkins: Mack

   Sweet Snack: Ryder

   Munchy Snack: Mason

   Healthy Snack: Claire

   Drinks: Mason

Nov. 1 – End of 1st Trimester, Grandparent’s Day

Nov. 7 – Picture Retakes & Sports Pictures

Nov. 27-29: Thanksgiving Break

Blessings on your week!














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