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Spelling Game (Unit 6, Week 3)


Second Grade News

Jan. 20-24   

Memory:  This week’s memory will continue from Part 1 on Baptism in Luther’s Small Catechism.  I will ask them the question (in Italics) and they will need to respond with the answer. 

Due Tuesday:  Practice Wednesday’s memory

Due Wednesday:  What is so special about the water of Baptism?

“It is nothing other than a divine water.  Not that the water in itself is nobler than other water, but that God’s Word and command are added to it”

Due Thursday:  Who instituted Holy Baptism?

God Himself instituted Baptism, for our Lord Jesus Christ commanded His church to baptize all nations.

Due Friday:  No memory

Religion: We will have a test over Unit 5 on Friday.  Books will be sent home Wednesday and Thursday.  Please send books back for our review on Thursday.  

Language Arts:  This week we will be reading a poem called Weather Wise.   We will have a test over the skills that go along with our story on Friday.  I am also going to include a list of our weekly high-frequency words and vocabulary words.  We will be going over these words in class several times during the week. Your child should be able to read all of the high-frequency words and know the meanings of the vocabulary words.  They should be able to use the vocabulary word in a sentence, tell what it means, or act it out. The vocabulary words will be in a section of our reading test, and I will have them read the high-frequency words to me on Friday (for a grade).  

* Students will be able to take AR tests Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week. 

High-Frequency Words:  body, color, dark, hard, hour, large, part, started, warm, was

Vocabulary words: covers, creep, dimmer, drain, glide, hemisphere, produce, rumble, shimmering, slather, slithering, splatter, squirm, substance

Spelling:  This week’s words are r-controlled vowel (ar) and review words.  We will be doing activities in class to practice our words, but you will also need to practice at home.

Our Spelling Test will be on Friday.

car             dark            card           star           park            yard             party           hard      

smart       start             part           spark        city              crash            goal             gym

Challenge Words: sparkle & partner

Math:  We will finish Topic 8, and have a test on Tuesday.  We will then begin Topic 9: Numbers to 1,000.  Please continue to practice counting money and telling time with your child at home.  These are skills that require lots of practice and repetition. Also, please remember to do Xtra Math or practice math facts at home.  Homework for the week is…

Monday: Topic 8 Reteaching (review for test)

Tuesday: No Homework

Wednesday: IN Lesson 2

Thursday: IN Lesson 3


* Next week (Jan. 27-31) is National Lutheran Schools Week, and we have planned some things to help us celebrate and remember God’s blessings during this week.  We will also be having some dress up days.

Tuesday : Morning Devotions in the Gym 

Wednesday: Jersey Day (wear your favorite jersey or team shirt) 

                        Morning Devotions in the Gym

                        Guest Lunch Day

Thursday: Class Color Day (I will let you know what color we are as soon as I know)

                   Morning Devotions in the Gym

                   School Spelling Bee (1:00)

Friday: Saints Pride Day (wear your pink class shirt)

                 Guest Breakfast Day

                 Activities at Immanuel

* Please check your child’s grades on Sycamore, and sign his/her grade review by Friday (Jan. 24).

* * SPECIALS for this week:   Please make sure your child wears gym-appropriate clothing and shoes to school on Tuesday, or you may send in clothes or shoes for them to change into for gym.  

   Weekly Special Classes:

   Monday – Music   

   Tuesday – Gym

   Wednesday – Art

   Thursday – Computer

   Friday –  Library

Upcoming events:

Jan. 20 – We WILL have school this day

Jan. 27-31 – National Lutheran Schools Week

Feb. 14 – End of Trimester 2

Feb. 17 – No School (Makeup day)

Feb. 26 – Ash Wednesday

March 21-29 – Spring Break

Blessings on your week!           


To find the class newsletter on the Sycamore website:

  1. sign onto Sycamore
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  3. click on “schedule”
  4. click on “2nd Grade”
  5. It should take you to the “News” tab, where the newsletters will be updated each Friday!

To find the class newsletter on the Sycamore app:

  1. click on your child’s name under “Students”
  2. click on “Classes”
  3. click on “Homeroom-2nd Grade”
  4. click on “Class News”

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