Kindergarten Newsletter January 13-17 Class Work *Reading– Students will be learning the short e sound like in jet. We will also be reading stories about being brave. Students will be learning about story elements such as setting, characters, and plot. Read Pet Pup! on Thursday night. Word Wall Words (star words) this week- for, her Review: a, my, the, see, I, by, to, go, at, am, is, no, man, can, and, you, has, an, it, ran, he, she, did, put, in, me, sits, with, big, good, his, very, got, of, here, on, was, not, are, lot, ten, had, do, be, ten, had, do, be, want, but, look, up, for, her *Religion– Jesus Chooses His Disciples *Memory– Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men. Matthew 4:19 Students will recite this bible verse on Thursday morning. Students do not have to recite the book of the Bible, chapter, and verse this week. Please practice with your child. Thank you! *Math- Subtraction and Addition; Students will have homework on Tuesday. *Science- Seasons; STEM *Social Studies- Martin Luther King, Jr. This Weeks Happenings in Kindergarten Monday- Chapel- 8:30; Library Tuesday- Art; Math Homework Wednesday- Computer Thursday- Read Pet Pup!; Recite memory Friday- Gym; Show and Tell- bring an item of choice Snacks and Drinks 21 Students Preston will have snacks and drinks this week. Kyler will have snacks and drinks next week. News Students will recite the Bible verse above for memory this week on Thursday. Please practice with your child. ! We welcome Bryce back to school! Unfortunately, Braylen has moved to Seymour and will no longer be attending Lutheran Central. He will be going to kindergarten at Zion Lutheran in Seymour. We now have 21 students in our class. National Lutheran’s Schools week will be celebrated the week of January 27. Information will be sent home this week. Congratulations to the following students for making it to the shoe tying hall of fame last week: Remy, Ethan, and Brinley! God’s Blessings on your week!

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