Kindergarten Newsletter

September 16-20

Class Work

*Reading–Students will also be learning about the short a sound like in apple. Please keep working on rhyming and color words  your child at home. We will also be working on comprehension skills at school. Thursday- Read the book “Sam” and “At Bat”. Students can keep the books at home to practice reading.

This weeks sound: /a/ Review: /b/, /m/, /s/, /t/

* Word Wall Words (star words) this week- at, am, go

                Review Words: a, see, my, the, I, by, to, my   

*Religion– The story of Joseph and his brothers – Genesis 41-45

*Memory– The Christian Pledge: I pledge allegiance to the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ and to the faith for which it stands, one Savior eternal with mercy and grace for all. So help me God.   Please work on this pledge at home.

*Math- Writing, Recognizing, and Counting numbers 8 to 10. Tuesday-Homework

*Science –STEM  

*Social Studies- Communities; Citizenship; Our Country

This Weeks Happenings in


Monday– Chapel 8:30; School Library

Tuesday- Art; Math Homework

Wednesday- Computer; School Pictures (all students will be getting their pictures taken for the yearbook even if you are not ordering pictures)

Thursday- Read Sam and At Bat; Music; Twin Day (pair up with a student or a group of students to dress alike for the day)

Friday- Gym; Show and Tell: Something that contains the /a/ sound like in hat.; LC apparel or red, white, and blue day   

Snacks and Drinks

Maggy will have snacks and drinks this week and will be the star of the week. Please send in pictures.

Braylen will have snacks and drinks next week and will be the star of the week.  Please bring pictures.


Happy Birthday to Brinley, Braylen, Vivian, Remy, and Ethan who have birthdays in September!

Students have been learning to recognize the letters of the alphabet along with learning the sounds. Letter recognition is very important for students to know in order to learn sounds. One activity to help reinforce this at home or in the car is to have students look around for a certain letter in books, on TV, on billboards, etc. Also work with your child on writing the letter.

Our school will be having dress up days on Thursday and Friday to show school spirit for the 8th grade volleyball team who will be competing in the Lutheran Tourney this weekend at Trinity High School.

I will be sending a field trip form out next week regarding our field trip on October 4 to Huber’s Orchard.  If anyone would like to go as a chaperone please let me know by Friday, September 27. Thank you! 

God’s Blessings on your week!

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