Kindergarten Newsletter November 18-22 Class Work *Reading– Students will be learning the long and short o sounds this week like in hot and rode. Please work at home with your child on blending 3 letter words such has sat, pig, rat, etc. We will also continue working on comprehension skills, working on identifying character, settings, and main ideas. On Thursday students need to read Bob Tips A Pot * Word Wall Words (star words) this week- got, here, of, on Review: a, my, the, see, I, by, to, go, at, am, is, no, man, can, and, you, has, an, it, ran, he, she, did, put, in, me, sits, with, big, good, his, very *Religion– The Birth of John the Baptist *Memory– The Apostles’ Creed *Math- Addition; Students will have math homework on Tuesday and will have an assessment on Thursday over addition. *Science- Day and Night Sky; STEM Activities *Social Studies- Our Country This Weeks Happenings in Kindergarten Monday- Chapel @ 8:30; Library Tuesday- Art; Math Homework Wednesday- Computers Thursday– Music; Read Bob Tips A Pot Friday- Gym; Show and Tell-Something that has either the long o sound in it or the short o sound; Last day for Food drive items Snacks and Drinks Remy will have snacks and drinks this week and be the star of the week. Please send in 5 to 10 pictures to share with the class. We will use left over snacks for next week. News Our Thanksgiving Breakfast celebration will be on Tuesday, November 26 at 8:45. Those bringing items or helping include: Pancake Mix: Mrs. Klosterman , Bananas/Grapes: Elizabeth Eggs (1 dozen): Lila Sausage Links: Mrs. Klosterman, Donuts (yeast or powdered): Maggy , 1 gallon of Orange Juice: Vivian Henry , 1 gallon of Chocolate Milk: Theo, Plates and Napkins Ethan; Help at Breakfast: Dawn Drake . If you are unable to bring the items for the breakfast please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you! We will continue assessing on shoe tying until all students can tie theirs shoes. I will continue to assess show tying every Friday until everyone can tie. Once your child passes the shoe tying assessment 3 weeks in a row then they are considered in the shoe tying club! Our school is still collecting mittens, gloves, and scarves. If you would like to donate gently used or new items please send with your child. Thank you! God’s Blessings on your week!

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