March 30th Instructions

Hello Parents,  Below you will find the instructions and lessons for each subject area for the week of March 30. Most of the materials for these lessons were sent home with your child on Friday, March 13. You can either screenshot or snan your child’s completed work and send it to my email,; or your child can bring it back to school April 6. If you have any questions please email me, send a pass-a-note, or text/call me.  I have also added some additional activities/websites your child can go to to supplement curriculum or give him/her extra practice.


Daily devotions begin with saying Luther’s Morning Prayer together. Then read to your child the devotion provided for each day. You will find the devotions on the links under the document section on Sycamore . If you are unable to find the devotion please choose your own either from online or a devotion book you have at home.

After the devotion, discuss and then your child may pick a song to sing. Suggested songs include: Jesus Loves Me, Praise Him Praise Him, I Just Wanna Be A Sheep, etc. 

Religion- Mary Listens to Jesus- Luke 10:38-42

*Read with your child the story found on page 5 of their green religion books. Discuss with your child the difference between Mary and Martha in the story and the importance of listening to God’s word. Explain to your child that God’s word is found in the Bible and it gives us eternal life because of Jesus’ death and resurrection. 

*Students will complete page 6. Talk about each picture and circle the child that is listening to God’s word. Talk about the student who is not listening, use the stickers from the middle of the book and put a heart sticker with the cross in the middle on that child as a reminder of Jesus’ love. Say the Bible verse together at the bottom of page 6. 

*Students will also complete the worksheet page 25- Whole Heart, they will connect the dots and color the picture. 

Memory- Blessed..are those who hear the word of God and keep it! Luke 11:28 

     *Students need to practice this verse. When they have memorized it you can text or      email me a video of them saying the verse or they can say it to me when we return on April 6. 

Language Arts 

Star Words- could, now, then, this 

  * Students will complete worksheet pages 167 and 168. 

  * Students will need to write each star word 4 times on a piece of paper using a crayon. 

  * Students with help will write each word in a sentence. Make sure he or she is using a 

   capital letter and ending mark. We have been working on students spelling words    themselves so if words are not spelled correctly that is ok as long as the star word is spelled correctly. 


*Students are working on identifying beginning/initial sounds in words. Give them the following words and have them tell you the beginning/initial sound in the word: fan, goat, kite, leaf, hors, map, jump, peach. 

*Students will complete worksheet page 169 “Focus on Beginning Sounds” The directions are on the page. 

*Word Work- students are working on the /th/ and /wh/ sounds. Write these words on a piece of paper or dry erase board and students will blend the sounds together to make the word: that, them, then, when, whiz, whiff, 

    *Students complete page 170 sorting words with /th/ and /wh/ words. 

   *Students will read “Big Mess” and “Chet!” have them color the star words with 

    yellow crayon: could, now, then, this 

    You can choral read the stories first where you will read the sentence and then 

    students read after you. The second time have students read the book themselves. 

*Reading- Have students pick a book that you read together. They can read the words they know and you read the others. Then students will complete the story map page by drawing pictures of what happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the story. 

*Writing- Students will pick 3 days to write in their journals. WIth each day they will write the date, draw a picture of whatever they want and write a sentence about the picture. 

*Additional Reading Practice Websites/Apps include:,, (for this one you can get a free 30 day trial then will have to pay) 


*Students should count each day from 1-100 using an exercise to do while counting, such as running in place, jumping jacks, etc. Students should also count by 5s and 10s to 100 each day. 

In the lessons this week students will be using a hundred chart to count. 

*Lesson 11-5 students are learning to count forward from any number to 100. Students will look at page 649 start at the yellow number and stop at the red number coloring each number they say. Have students then count how many numbers they have counted aloud. Have students complete the rest of the lesson pages 650-652 doing the same thing. The instructions for each page are on the bottom of each page. 

*Lesson 11-6- students have been learning about decade numbers (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100) In this lesson they will need to know the number that comes right after the decade number so on page 655 they will circle 11, 21,31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91. Students will use the partial 100 hundred charts on pages 656-658 to find the missing numbers. The instructions for each number are on the bottom of the page. 

*Lesson 11-7 was in your child’s packet. He/she does not have to do this lesson. We will work on this lesson when we return to school. 

*Please have your child complete the addition/subtraction fluency page 667 and the vocabulary page 668. 


* Read with your child the St. Patrick’s Day Let’s Find Out Page: students will complete the back of that page. 

*Go to  there should be a spring video on the front page that your child will watch. If you cannot locate it on the front page you will find it under the science tab and then the weather tab. You should not have to register to access but if you do it is easy and free. Once your child has watched it then they should complete the easy quiz and word game. 

*Additional educational activities/videos for Science and Social Studies- Mystery Doug and Discovery Education. With social studies we have been learning out our country and also citizenship. 

Star Words Review

 a, my, the, see, I, by, to, go, at, am, is, no, man, can, and, you, has, an, it, ran, he, she, did, put, in, me, sits, with, big, good, his, very, got, of, here, on, was, not, are, lot, ten, had, do, be, want, but, look, up, for, her, help, too, they, yes, have, six, some, we, get, hot, or, where, if, come, stop, from, as, our, red, that, said, must, cut, when, down, off, so, will, back, were, what, let   

*Students should review all of these words daily. Ideas would be saying them, making flash cards, making a memory game with the words, etc. 

If your child needs some physical activity the following are good websites:

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