Mrs. Montgomery’s Weekly News Week of January 20th- January 24th


What We Are Studying This Week…

Math: Understand Fractions as Numbers

Reading: Monitor and Clarify, Text Structure, Text and Graphic Features, Central Idea 

Vocabulary: Homophones/homographs, Suffix -ly

Writing: Informational Writing: Expository Essay, Adjectives that Compare 

Spelling: Decoding: words with erm ir, ur, or, Spelling: Vowels + /r/

Science: Rocks

Important Dates This Week….

Monday- Chapel




Friday- Reading Test, Vocab Test , Spelling Test, Math Test, Religion Test


  • Spelling list will be stapled in agendas on Monday Morning. Please study these with your child each night. 
  • Critical Vocab will be in your child’s folder on Monday Morning. Please Study these every night. The will be tested over the definition of the word found in the first sentence of each page. 
  • Please be sure to spend some time throughout the week working on facts. Students can login for practice on 
  • Friday Folders will be sent home on Friday. Please look over papers with your child. Then return on Monday Morning. 
  • Students will be given opportunities 2-3 times throughout the week to take AR Test. Encourage them to read 15-30 minutes each night. Then end of the trimester will be he shortly. Encourage your child to keep reading. 
  • We will be working towards our pieces to our Banana Split Party. I will be testing them orally on Friday. Ask your child what they need to be working on. 


Memory will be due on Tuesday and Friday. We will be working on First Petition of the Lord’s Prayer and its meaning. ___________________________________________________

  January Chapel Mission

Clarity (formerly called Pregnancy Care Center) is the chapel mission for the month of January. Clarity is in need of supplies for their clients. Each student is asked to bring in the items listed for their class for our chapel mission this month. Any monetary donations will be used to purchase supplies to donate to the center as well. Items will be delivered to Trinity High School or Immanuel Lutheran School during National Lutheran School’s Week. Please send in any donations by January 30 so that they can be boxed and ready to go on February 1. Thank you for your support of this mission! 

Grade 3 – Diapers size preemie and onesies (N-6M)