Mrs. Rohr – 7th Grade/Middle School Math

Mrs. Rohr’s Supply List 2018-19

***All students in grades 6-8 need to purchase a student planner of their choice. Planners are available in the school office.

*** Materials often need to be replaced or replenished throughout the school year.  Extra materials could be bought while on sale and then be brought to school as needed

7 th/8 th Grade Religion:

-ESV Bible -Catechism -Loose leaf paper -Pens/pencils -A 2-pocket folder

Math5, Math 6, and Pre-Alg 7/8:

– 15-20 pencils with erasers   -5 RED pens for grading  -plenty loose-leaf paper

-1 durable folder with 3-hole prongs OR binder   -highlighter

-8 glue sticks   -8 thin tip dry-erase markers & rag or eraser of some sort

– 1 composition notebook – 1 box of facial tissues

**** Scientific calculator (optional for grades 6-8)

Math 7 and Algebra (Mr. Sprengel):  

-Pencils with erasers   -Notebook or Looseleaf Paper for Homework

-Pocket folder – Notebook for note taking   -Scientific calculator (optional)

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