Mrs. Rothert – 1st Grade

First Grade News

Week of October 21

Religion: Samuel Anoints David (1 Samuel 16)

              David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17)

              Solomon Builds a Temple (1 Kings 5-9)

Memory: “Keep Us Steadfast In Your Word” verse 3

    Due Tuesday: O Comforter of priceless worth,

                          Send peace and unity on earth;

               Due Thursday: Support us in our final strife

                  And lead s out of death to life.

Reading:  We will finish our module on Amazing Animals this week.  Our reading stories are Ol’ Mama Squirrel, Step-by-Step Advice from the Animal Kingdom, and Beaver Family.  We will be working on summarizing, recognizing story structure and text organization, and putting events in chronological order.  Our phonics lesson will focus on words with sh and ing. There will be a reader sent home each night.  

We will begin taking AR tests this week.  There will be an AR sheet in your child’s folder.  Please record the name of the book and test number, if known, on the sheet when your child is read to take a test.  The book should be in their AR level and one they can read on their own.

Tuesday:  Corbin, Payton, Kailynn

Wednesday: Quinn, Remy, Zach, Kendal

Thursday: Nohea, Brayden, Chase

Friday:  Allison, Ella, Landry

Spelling:  There will be a test on Friday.

ship  shop wish  rush fish fishing  dash by some call there  could were know would *Halloween  

Math:  We will continue with Topic 3 Addition Strategies.   

Monday:  math facts

Tuesday:  math facts

Wednesday: math facts

Thursday:  Lesson 3-6

*Special Announcements*  

*Our Reformation party will be on October 31st  Students may bring an outfit or accessories to change into after chapel.  Students may dress as what they want to be when they grow up. (Please no princesses, pirates, ninjas, superheroes, etc.) 

*Refreshments for the party:  Chase-sweet treat, Brayden -salty/heathy treat, Kailynn-drinks, Evan-napkins and plates

*Please consider writing your child’s name in his/her sweatshirts and jackets.  We love to return lost items to their owners.  

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