Mrs. Rothert – 1st Grade

First Grade Newsletter

Week of December 16

Religion:   Jesus Our Savior is Born

Memory:  Please see your child’s Christmas program for assignments and due dates. Memory is due Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week. If you are not sure what is due for memory, please contact me.  We will have program practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week.  

Reading: We will begin Module 6 Celebrate America.  We will be learning Our stories this week are State the Facts, You’re a Grand Old Flag, and Monument City. We will be looking at elements of poetry and drama.  Our phonics lessons focus on words with long o, e, and i (ex: he, hi, so) and adding ‘s to show possession.  We will also be working on question words. The only homework this week is to read for AR. We will take AR tests on Tuesday and Thursday.  

Spelling: Our spelling test will be on THURSDAY.  

another  gave house  over read water  white how why when  who what where *Bonus: America

Math:  We will continue to work on Topic 7 and counting to 120 by ones, twos, fives, and tens.  We are a little rusty on counting by fives. Please keep practicing over Christmas break.  Check out Jack Hartman on youtube for some fun counting videos! 

Monday: Lesson 7-4

Tuesday: Lesson 7-6

Wednesday: Lesson 7-7

*Special Announcements*

*Our Christmas party will be December 20th.

Sweet Treat- Allison  Salty/Healthy Treat-No one has signed up yet 

Drinks-Payton  Napkins/Plates- Kailynn

*Our Christmas party will be December 20th. We will do a classroom gift exchange.  Boys should bring a gift for a boy and girls should bring a gift for a girl. Please label them “boy” or “girl” and who they are from.  Gifts should be in the $5-$10 range. If your child does not wish to participate, that is fine.  

*Christmas Dress Up Days:

Monday – Christmas Headwear Day

Tuesday – Christmas Explosion Day (ugly sweaters or other Christmas wear)

Wednesday – Dress up as your favorite Christmas movie character

Thursday – Christmas PJ Day

Friday – Christmas Best (Chapel Day)

*Dress Code Reminder:  All tops worn with leggings, tight athletic pants (yoga pants, running tights, etc), tights, etc., must come down to at least the mid thigh.  To put it bluntly, some of these bottoms are very thin. Underwear is sometimes visible through them. Please make sure the shirt/top completely covers your child’s bottom.  Thank you. 

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