Ms. Whipker – 4th Grade and Special Education

A few things about  tomorrow’s field trip.

Make sure to be at school  by 8:10am, we are leaving as soon as possible.

Students will need comfortable walking shoes, class shirt, and remember it is a mostly outdoor field trip!

If you have no Balloon launch form you will not be going on the balloon launch.

They must bring a lunch with them.

They are allowed to bring an electronic device with them, but NO cell phones. Also remember these devices will be left on the bus, and we are not responsible for lost or stolen devices.

There is a gift shop student can bring money for, please do not allow them to bring more than $20.

Pick up will be in front of the school  around 4:30-4:45 pm. ( We will be leaving Conner Prairie at 2:30 and it takes 2 hours to get back.)

If you need to get ahold of me during the field trip my number is


Miss Whipker

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