Mission and Philosophy

Lutheran Central’s mission is “to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, teach
children, and assist parents in training children to be witnessing Christians
and productive citizens.” This is accomplished by providing the best possible
environment for the sharing of Christ’s love while striving for excellence in
academic education.

Lutheran Central School exists to proclaim the Gospel and the oneness Christ
creates through His Spirit. Lutheran Central is an integral part of the whole
ministry of St. Peter’s, Brownstown, St. Paul’s, Wegan, and Trinity, Vallonia,
serving the population of those in the Jackson County area.

Lutheran Central School’s ministry is to help students develop in all aspects
of a Christ-centered life. Caring teachers and staff work closely with parents
and children to effect the child’s spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and
emotional development. God gives all people unique gifts and talents. He
has entrusted these gifts and talents to us as stewards who are to develop them
and grow in their use. Every effort is made to apply the most appropriate
resources and teaching methods to Lutheran Central students to make and
train disciples of Christ.

We have much to be thankful for today and every day. We have the greatest
message ever to share with you, your children, and our community: Jesus
Christ and Him Crucified!

May God bless you and your family!