Mrs. Isaacs – 8th Grade/Middle School Science

LCS Middle School

Supply List 2022-2023

Grades 5-8 Science 
2 pocket folder
Grades 5-8 History/Geography 
2 pocket folder
Grades 5-8 Math
 a pencil case/carrier for all their supplies
pencils with erasers 
RED pens for grading 
2 in. binder 
dry-erase markers and rag or eraser of some sort plenty of loose-leaf paper 
Scientific calculator (please label with your name)
Grades 5-8 Language Arts
 red ink pens
 notebook paper
Tru Red Composition Notebook (7.5 x 9.75: 80 sheets) 
2 pocket folder 
Please make an effort to get your child a Public Library Card (You need to go to the library that coincides with your address to get the card but can use it at any library in the county.)
Grades 5-8 Religion/Confirmation 
2 pocket folder (grades 6-8) 
 catechism (black; available for purchase at the school office) 
ESV Bible (available for purchase at the school office; cannot use BibleGateway) 

Grades 5-8 Art
 art box (that can hold ALL supplies), 
colored pencils (24 count) 
markers (10 count) 
crayons (24 count) 
 glue (1 bottle drip glue, 4 glue sticks)
Grades 5-8 PE 
change of clothes (dress code appropriate) 
athletic shoes & socks 
 water bottle (optional) 

Grades 7-8 Historical Novels   
2 pocket folder

  Grades 5-6 Keyboarding/AR/Study Hall  
Grades 5-6 Spanish
2 pocket folder
200 index cards
Grades 5-6 Music
 2 pocket folder
Grades 5-6 Spelling and Vocab 
2 pocket folder
Grades 7-8 Health 
2 pocket folder
Grades 7-8 Financial Literacy 
2 pocket folder
Blue or black ink pen
Grades 7-8 Spanish
 2 pocket folder
100 index cards
All 5-8 Classes: pencils with erasers, pens, pencil case, dry erase markers, earbuds or headphones, wireless mouse, personal planner (grades 6-8; provided to 5th grade students)
Homeroom 5 tissues (1), paper towels (1), hand sanitizer (1)
Homeroom 6 tissues, hand sanitizer
Homeroom 7 hand sanitizer, tissues
Wish List items: Extra dry-erase markers, pencils, red pens, or loose-leaf paper for my “Lending Station”
Homeroom 8 One of the following please:  zip top bags (quart or gallon), paper towels, or playdough

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